Following are links to many of my poems that are online, a few flash fiction pieces (very, very short stories), and links to my two poetry collections. I hope you enjoy them.

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A patchwork poem and a poem for rent:
Sailing through the Poet Verse - a 100-line poem quoting 99 poets, from Sappho to Seuss
Poem for Rent

Poems based on photographs and other works of art:
Last Days
Striking Sunset
The Bow Frog (Flagler Art League Poetry Award)
A Monumental Pose (Gargiulo Art Foundation Poetry Award)
Dog Day Dreams

Poems from The Beauty of Listening poetry collection:
The Modern Art of Conversation
The Problem with Interrupting (A Cautionary Tale) ;)
The Novel; Novel Ideas; A Novel in Verse
A Swell Time in 1929

Flash Fiction:
I and You
Escher's Drawing Room

by Literary Journals & Websites

Grey Sparrow Journal:

Spank the Carp Journal:
  • Meditation (I entered this into their annual contest and was honored that it received an award.)

Sleet Magazine:

Your Daily Poem:

& Pages Linked to Selected Poems

The Human Experience (2007)

The Human Experience (2)
Paperback: $9.95



In The Human Experience, you’ll meet an artist rendering life in a small cube, old fashioned lovers in kodachrome colors, a gifted apostrophe, a contemplative clown, an ape man, a little thief, and more characters who share this condition of ours—this "brief, miraculous, frightening, enlightening human condition."

Click here for contents and selected poems.


“Humor is a strong element in Diamond's poems, an attribute that makes any poetry book more user friendly.” Kay Day, The Writer, WriterMag.com

(WriterMag.com, Crossing Genres from Journalist/Author to Poet, March 22, 2007)

The Beauty of Listening (2013)

diamond_cover_rev-11 - Version 2
Paperback: $10.95; Ebook: $3.99
BUY ON AMAZON (Kindle; Other ebook formats)



The Beauty of Listening, you'll hear from paper dolls and monsters, find writers at work and words at play, and a see from a wide spectrum of perspectives. 

Click here for contents and selected poems.


Linda Eve Diamond's poetry in The Beauty of Listening sweeps me off my feet — her funny (yet dead serious) musings on the fate of the word amazing, her ardent eavesdropping into the secret lives of paper dolls, her still, quiet verses that speak volumes. The book itself is as beautiful as the poems within.” Fred DuBose, Editorial Director, Reader's Digest General Books (ret.)

(Find more book endorsements here and reader responses here.)


With Awl My Hart: In the book, E-Z Spelling, I include a poem to show the shortcomings of spellcheck. Read the spelling poem, With Awl my Hart, here.

Book Spine Poetry: In The Beauty of Listening, I wrote a poem about something called book spine poetry, which included some book spine poems. Read about book spine poetry and find the poem, Poetry on the Shelf, here.

Sound Cloud: Visit my SoundCloud page for poem recordings (staring with two poems by one of my favorite poets). :)

Poet Tree: This is here partly because I like the idea of a poet tree under a sound cloud, but also to invite you to this poet tree in Scotland.

The Million-Line Poem is an open-source poem project by Tupelo Press, building couplet by couplet, open to all. Here’s an earlier contribution, based on the context at the time…

………The taste of prey, sweet as a prayer,
………On the tongue of the hungry hawk

…and here’s my latest contribution:

………How many moments of silence and lines of poetry
………will it take to guide this world’s old soul to peace and empathy?

To see the poem, click here. To add your voice to the poem, find guidelines here.


Sometimes I think of photography as another form of poetry, a way of writing with light. But I guess that’s not the kind of light writing (or light poetry) you’d look for on this page.
. :)

Find photography links on my
PHOTOS page.

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