Perfect Phrases

Part of McGraw-Hill’s Perfect Phrases Series

How can you make your announcements stand out from the crowd? When reaching out to the public to announce new products and services or to create a buzz about conferences and special events—when motivating or informing employees, from daily inspiration to Internet policies and safety issues— the words you choose determine your success. 

Ready-to-Use Phrases & a Guide to Writing Your Own!
This book is written for companies, large and small, independent operations and non-profit enterprises. Media choices are discussed, as well as tips for successfully translating announcements to other languages. Phrase topics include:

  • Transitions, such as moving, closing, or adding locations
  • Changes in management or direction
  • Sales, events, conferences
  • Internal announcements—from those that inspire and encourage
    to those that are difficult, including positive feedback, new
    opportunities, downsizing, and policy changes
  • Conferences, opportunities, sales, special events, fund raisers,
    new products or services,
    and more!

Your Perfect Phrase
You’ll find a final section in both Perfect Phrases for Writing Company Announcements and Perfect Phrases for Sales Presentations that is unique to the series--a guide to writing your perfect phrases. If you're looking to inspire your own creative process, this section includes insights on what makes a phrase "perfect," brainstorming ideas, and ways to target and refine the best phrases for your business and your audience.
Publisher: McGraw-Hill, 2010

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