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Whether you’re a team leader, manager or business owner, you know that the perfect phrases can inspire, motivate, and help people learn, grow, and function as a highly effective team. The mindsets and phrases in this book are relevant for permanent staff, project teams, virtual employees, and more.

A “perfect” perspective on team building:
Perfect Phrases for Building Strong Teams begins with a look at team leader attitudes, healthy team development, and a look at the bigger picture—the people beyond your immediate team who play important roles in your business and team processes. The last section offers a look at the different types of team building professionals and team building exercise, along with ideas about how to continue to follow through with your efforts and continue to strengthen the team.

Use these phrases to:

  • Transform a group of individuals into a team.
  • Empower, inspire, and encourage creativity.
  • Develop systems that work for the team.
  • Resolve conflict within the team.
  • Help your team develop processes, from brainstorming
    to problem solving to action plans and implementation.
  • Inspire dedication, team spirit and outstanding outcomes!
Publisher: McGraw-Hill, 2007

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Strong Teams copy