Perfect Phrases

Part of McGraw-Hill’s Perfect Phrases Series

Perfect Phrases for Sales Presentations, part of McGraw-Hill’s Perfect Phrases series, offers hundreds of ready-to-use or easily adaptable phrases for delivering powerful and persuasive presentations. Find perfect phrases to take you from cold calls and preparationthrough the presentation—to phrases for closing the sale and following up. This book focuses both on saying the perfect phrase and on listening to prospective clients and customers to find out what they’re really looking for and how you can best meet those needs and increase your bottom line.

Phrases Designed to Help You:

  • Find prospects—and get their attention
  • Learn and create perfect phrases and avoid imperfect phrases
    that can create discomfort or mistrust
  • Create ongoing, positive, prosperous relationships
  • Turn objections into opportunities
  • Create a lasting impression by using metaphors to educate
    prospects or help them visualize positive outcomes.
  • Close the deal... and more!

New Section—Your Perfect Phrases!
Beyond offering Perfect Phrases, this book is the first in the series to include a chapter on creating your own perfect phrases!

And Emphasis on Listening
FROM THE BOOK: “Of course, listening involves putting aside even your most brilliant phrases long enough to hear the prospect’s interests and concerns;you also can use phrases to encourage speaking and show that you’re listening and to ask and encourage questions.”

Publisher: McGraw-Hill, 2009

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