Happy Birthday, Mr. Lincoln
A Commemorative Collage


Happy Birthday Mr. Lincoln: A Commemorative Collage features artistic, dramatic, literary and musical works that speak to Lincoln’s style of leadership and his character.  My contribution to the book is an essay titled:“The Lincoln-Douglass Listenings.”

ESSAY CONTRIBUTION: “The Lincoln-Douglass Listenings”
“The Lincoln-Douglass Listenings” speaks to the unique relationship between Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass, a former slave, who overcame the circumstances into which he’d been born to become an author, speaker for the Anti-Slavery Society, and founder and editor of an abolitionist newspaper.  The relationship between Lincoln and Douglass was an honest one that showed a great depth of listening and respect. Douglass was highly critical of Lincoln for many years, and Lincoln listened to his point of view. They listened, learned, and had the wisdom and agility to remain open and even change their minds—which is the first step toward moving a society forward.

Happy Birthday Mr. Lincoln: A Commemorative Collage was endorsed by the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission and the George Washington Honor Medal Presented by the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, September 2009.


Proceeds from the sale of "Happy Birthday, Mr. Lincoln" have been used to establish a Lincoln Legacy Scholarship award for students who produce literary works of merit which best exemplify the ideals of freedom, equality and opportunity.