A Business Writing Manual for Foreign Born Professionals

This unique reference and workbook is designed for anyone who was not born in the US, but speaks and writes English with a fair to strong level of fluency. Executive Writing: American Style addresses issues common to those whose first language is not English, such as difficult or confusing grammar and usage issues, idiomatic expressions, and American businesses style. 

EXECUTIVE WRITING: American Style has 5 distinct elements:

  1. Grammar and usage explanations with exercises to ensure
    clear understanding
  2. Explanations and exercises to illustrate clear, concise,
    effective writing style
  3. Idiomatic expressions common to business used throughout
    and defined in footnotes and a Glossary of Idioms at the end
  4. Exercises marked “From Your Files” that guide you through
    practicing skills on your own documents to keep the learning
    process relevant to your work
  5. Guidance through the creation, editing and refinement of a
    current document, relevant to your business, as you read.*
One of the most unique elements of this book is that, in addition to other exercises, it guides readers through a start-to-finish (brainstorm to proofread) process to create and refine a current, relevant business document, edited and refined throughout with each new point covered. 
Publisher: Apocryphile Press, 2007

Editor and technical advisor: Natalie Gast, principal:
(NOTE: This book is written specifically for those who already have a strong fluency with traditional grammar terms. For those looking to strengthen basic grammar, I recommend Grammar in Plain English.)