A Guide to Listening

Rule #1: Stop Talking is a fun, self-help guide to cultivating deep listening skills for greater self-awareness, enriching personal relationships and business success.

If you’ve ever said:  “I get distracted,” “I don’t know why I lose focus,” “I’ve been told I need to listen more,” “I need to listen more to my clients/workmates/boss/employees,” “My closest relationship would improve if we could listen better,” “Why listen?” or “Nobody listens to me!” —consider Rule #1, which begins with “Stop talking!”  While “Stop Talking is a helpful reminder and great first step, the book takes listeners beyond—examining personal “short circuits,” critical listening skills, inner listening, and listening in this age of overload. Rule #1 offers information, methods, and a light-hearted look at the serious subject of listening.

Who’s using Rule #1?
Educators, Universities, Corporate Trainers, Business Owners, Managers, Salespeople, Couples, Families, Book Clubs, Salespeople, anyone who wants to deepen listening awareness for greater personal, interpersonal, and financial success.

Learn and explore:

  • The basics of listening skills.
  • Some practical guidelines and solutions to common listening problems.
  • What the author calls “short circuits” to listening and “head static,” along with ways to recognize and address them for deeper listening.
  • Why some people don’t stop talking—and what you can do about it.
  • How to resolve conflict by listening.
  • How listening can help you tell truth from fiction.
  • Ways to overcome the difficulties of to listening in the “Age of Overload.”
  • The fundamental importance of listening in our society.
  • How to encourage others to listen to you.

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